Human Services Transfer

The White Earth Nation has been working with the State of Minnesota in transferring responsibility of Human Service programs from the Counties on the Reservation. The transfer includes several services including Medical Assistance (MA), Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), General Assistance (GA), Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA), Diversionary Work Program (DWP) and Group Residential Housing (GHR). This is an exciting time for the White Earth Nation Human Service Division as this transfer gives the opportunity for us to provide services to our own people that have been customarily provided by the local Counties.

Anishinaabemodaa- Ojibwe Language Website

Without timely intervention, the use of Ojibwe language will decline to a point beyond recovery. Efforts have emerged dedicated to the revitalization of the Ojibwe language. Our goal is to make available the opportunity to learn the Anishinaabe language no matter what school you attend, program you are a part of, or city or country you live in. We hope this website will serve as the official resource for the Ojibwe language creating a unique and reputable location that people throughout the world can access for learning the language.

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